Children are encouraged to give life to their own ideas


I was referred by a friend to this school but decided to enroll my child after my first meeting with the principal. I was very impressed with the ideas and energy and looked forward to having same enthusiasm in my child as well. ‘ My daughter really enjoys coming to school; every day she learns [...]

Where learning becomes fun for her


Maika joined RTA for 3 years and I am pleased with the progress that Maika has been showing. Her progress is not only in terms of knowledge like language, mathematics, and the others, but also in her manner and behavior.   Maika has been learning so much from the school. She learns languages (English, Mandarin and [...]

The Quality of Education is Awesome


  To be honest before I joined my son here, I didn’t know much about this school. But one of my friends, Reshma, Mom of Catherine in Primary 2, she helped me to understand. So, I joined my son in RPA. But now I feel proud that my decision was correct. I see lot of changes in my son’s [...]

Developing Life Long Learners


‘ “Schooling signifies not only academic growth but also development of a child’s character, self-confidence and shows his/her reflection to the future”. Selection of schools for your kids is the most difficult decisions every parent has to take. School is the place which strengthen your believe that your kids are in safe hand in all aspect. [...]



Frequent Asked Question – Royal Academy   IPC (International Primary Curriculum)  1. What is IPC?  | Apa itu IPC? IPC is a curriculum that was launched in 2000, having taken three years to create by a group of leading experts in children’s learning from around the world. IPC adalah kurikulum yang diluncurkan di tahun 2000, tiga [...]

IPC Personal Goals – A Strong Foundation For Life


RPA is a great school. The IPC curriculum is fun and engaging and the teachers are passionate and creative. I like RPA’s commitment to develop young children with strong character. In the coming years, I would like my children to fully demonstrate strong character and academic skills which they use in their future lives. ‘ [...]

Reasons so many schools are joining the IPC

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                  ‘ Rigorous Raising Performance Developing International Mindedness Resources you can use now Tried and Tested Exciting Preparing children for the future Strong Foundations Raising performance Children who use the IPC do well. School Head Sheila Dentith said: “Our standard have improved, our exam results have gone [...]